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Eagle Specialty Products manufactures a list of performance-based castor and castor polyols for coatings formulators.

Our T SERIES Castor Polyols are high-solids blends crafted to maintain optimum purity and viscosity, while boasting low levels of acidity and moisture content. Our refinement process makes T SERIES oils ideal for use in 2K epoxies, epoxy and polyamide resins, high-gloss polyurethane applications, and as moisture scavengers for sealants and adhesive systems.

Our large inventories of castor products allow us to ship quickly to partners in the industry. However, if you already have the castor on hand and need it processed for incorporation into your production, we can refine it to your specifications.

With the ability to outfit manufacturers with a variety of raw materials, we pride ourselves on being the "Can Do Company."

Technical Data

Castor Oil

Our technical-grade castor oil. #1 Castor is optimized to maintain ideal levels of moisture, acidity, purity, and viscosity.

Moisture Scavenger

Our branded moisture scavenger specifically designed for solvent-free urethane coatings, castable systems, and adhesives.

T SERIES Castor Polyols

Our line of specialty castor polyols are refined specifically for optimal moisture content, acidity, purity, and durability. T SERIES oils include technical-grade, TDI Reacted, and urethane-grade polyols.

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