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At Eagle Specialty Products, we are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge specialty coatings additives that redefine the standards for solvent, water-based, and solvent-free paint systems. Our additives are meticulously engineered to correct common issues and enhance the performance of your coatings, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability.

Solvent-Based Solutions

Discover our range of additives specifically formulated to optimize solvent-based paint systems. From improving drying times to enhancing adhesion, our solutions are designed to address challenges unique to solvent-based coatings, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Water-Based Formulations

Revolutionize your water-based paint systems with our advanced additives. Combat issues like uneven drying and pigment settling, as we offer formulations that guarantee stability, improved flow, and exceptional color dispersion for water-based coatings.

Solvent-Free Innovations

Elevate your commitment to sustainability with our specialty additives for solvent-free paint systems. We understand the challenges of formulating coatings without traditional solvents. Our additives provide eco-friendly solutions without compromising on performance, ensuring your coatings meet the highest standards.

Why Choose Eagle for Specialty Additives?

Industries We Serve

Ready to enhance the performance of your coatings? Contact us today to discuss how our specialty coatings additives can address your specific challenges. We look forward to being your partner in creating coatings that stand the test of time.

Products and Technical Data

Surface Control Fixers

Our line of surface control and anti-gelling agents for water-based systems, high solids applications, 2K epoxies, and alkyds.


Our line of modified silicone and silicone free anti-foaming agents for traditional water, water-reducible, and solvent-based applications.


Our line of cobalt drier replacements for water-reducible, oil, alkyd, and modified polyurethane coating systems.

Flatting Pastes

Our line of flatting, matting, and gloss reduction agents for water and solvent-based coatings systems.

Slip Agents

Our line of carnauba, paraffin and polyethylene wax additives that promote mar, scuff and abrasion resistance in water and solvent-based coatings systems.


Our line of rheology modifiers that help control sagging and settling in water and solvent-based coatings systems.

Dispersing Agents

Our line of dispersing, wetting and pH stabilizing agents for water, water-reducible, and solvent-based coatings applications.


Our line of coalescents that help optimize film formation, and to ensure smooth surface finish in water-based coatings systems.

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