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Eagle Specialty Products also manufactures the spectrum of corrective additives for water and solvent-based paint and coatings applications. All of our SERIES 2000 Specialty Additives are versatile agents for reducing or even eliminating performance defects, without additional adverse side effects.

Our catalog of specialty additives includes dispersing, surface control, and slip agents, as well as defoamers, driers, flatting pastes, and thickeners. We focus on the most prevalent issues that plague custom formulation and design our additives for compatibility and ease of incorporation. With a wealth of technical documentation and expertise on staff, we can also offer personalized support. Look through our technical data and, if you have questions about particular challenges, get in touch with us via phone or email and we can supply the extended knowledge of one of our experts.

Whatever your challenges, we can help turn them into opportunities for success. See how our products compare. Send us a request and we will gladly ship you samples of any of our products.

Technical Data

Surface Control Fixers

Our line of surface control and anti-gelling agents for water-based systems, high solids applications, 2K epoxies, and alkyds.


Our line of modified silicone and silicone free anti-foaming agents for traditional water, water-reducible, and solvent-based applications.


Our line of cobalt drier replacements for water-reducible, oil, alkyd, and modified polyurethane coating systems.

Flatting Pastes

Our line of flatting, matting, and gloss reduction agents for water and solvent-based coatings systems.

Slip Agents

Our line of carnauba, paraffin and polyethylene wax additives that promote mar, scuff and abrasion resistance in water and solvent-based coatings systems.


Our line of rheology modifiers that help control sagging and settling in water and solvent-based coatings systems.

Dispersing Agents

Our line of dispersing, wetting and pH stabilizing agents for water, water-reducible, and solvent-based coatings applications.


Our line of coalescents that help optimize film formation, and to ensure smooth surface finish in water-based coatings systems.

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