ESP Introduces H2LOW-VOC

October 22, 2015

Eagle Specialty Products introduces a new line of liquid pigment dispersions into their portfolio of industrial colorants. H2LOW-VOC is the first water-based, ultra low VOC color system for in-plant adjustment in their catalog.

"Based on the same pigments and color selection as Eagle's low VOC solvent-based dispersion line, XVOC, H2LOW-VOC is the water-based companion, making color development from one system to another simple," commented Mark Bolhofner, Director of Research and Development. Mr. Bolhofner also stated that, "Industrial color systems need to maintain the good side of durability, light fastness, chemical and weathering properties, and this new line does just that. Creating H2LOW-VOC was an easy decision and an obvious next step."

These new colors are perfect for waterborne paint systems including water-reducibles and emulsion coatings that are both air-dry and bake finish. In addition to the above benefits, H2LOW-VOC is formulated to minimize any impact on the system's final properties.

It's no mystery that coatings formulators are part of a dynamic landscape. With environmental changes driving the market toward safer, lower emissions standards, Eagle's team realized the need for adaptation. Making all things possible through close communication and sharing in the challenges of manufacturers are goals that steer the companies focus.

ESP has been in the business of supplying raw materials to industrial coatings manufacturers for over five decades. With staples already in the water and solventborne wheelhouse, this will usher in an era of growth and new development-exciting times for manufacturers who have relied on Eagle over the years to provide consistent quality and customer service. For additional information, check out the TDS for H2LOW-VOC, or get in touch via email or phone to request samples.

About Eagle Specialty Products: Eagle Specialty Products is an independent supplier of colorant systems, specialty additives and castor polyols, serving customers in the industrial coatings market. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., Eagle Specialty Products maintains national distribution via facilities in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Louisville, Memphis and Glen Ridge, New Jersey, as well as distribution in Canada and Mexico. Sales and technical support are also provided throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Commitment to excellence is driven by our core values of: respect, service, trust, integrity and quality. Eagle Specialty Products retains quality standards and certifications governed by ISO 9001:2008.

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