ESP Distribution In Mexico

September 17, 2015

Mexican chemical sales, distribution, and technical service representative, Química Milenio, and Eagle Specialty Products have joined forces to supply high-quality raw materials to coatings formulators outside of the U.S.

North America has really been the most familiar territory in the history of ESP. The company has partnered with formulators outside of the country, namely Canada, but those opportunities have been pretty static. "With regulatory affairs changing the reach of coatings and raw materials manufacturing, it's been a tough transition. Staying within the environment we know best has been a safe bet," said vice president, Jack Wisor. However, with the advent of large acquisitions in Meso and South America, opportunity springs eternal. Jack continued by saying, "We are thrilled to be part of an industry that continues to grow and flourish, and elated to consistently work with partners in other countries."

Look for several of Eagle's specialty additives and pigment dispersions on Química's website, and in products crafted by their partners south of the border.

About Eagle Specialty Products: Eagle Specialty Products is an independent supplier of colorant systems, specialty additives and castor polyols, serving customers in the industrial coatings market. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., Eagle Specialty Products maintains national distribution via facilities in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Louisville, Memphis and Glen Ridge, New Jersey, as well as distribution in Canada and Mexico. Sales and technical support are also provided throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Commitment to excellence is driven by our core values of: respect, service, trust, integrity and quality. Eagle Specialty Products retains quality standards and certifications governed by ISO 9001:2008.

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